How to and More Information

HOW: The workshops will be offered from home studios via ZOOM

WHEN: Monday through Saturday: November 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th, 2020

Workshop Sessions: Each online workshop will be 3 hours long: 9am – 12pm est., 1pm – 4pm est. or 5pm – 8pm est. 

How Many Per Class: Maximum of 30 students per each online workshop.

Online Workshops Format: Workshop will follow roughly this format:.

  • Demonstration by the Instructor, explaining their process while the students watch
  • Question and answers
  • Students Paint
  • Break
  • Back to Painting
  • Question and answers

HOW Do I Join My Workshop?


Class Is Offered Virtually Online:  After you book your workshop(s), you will receive a REGISTRATION LINK to complete your entry to your virtual workshop(s).

Once you receive your workshop registration link, please complete your registration using the email address you used to purchase your virtual class from our website.

Limit 1 per email address. Only you can participate in the virtual workshop.

(workshop registration links can not be shared as it is limit 1 per email address, the email address from your order).

On the Day Of Your Purchased Workshop:

  • Login via the registration link provided and signed up with
  • Recommended via computer or Laptop
  • Have your supplies ready
  • Get ready for your 3 hour workshop
  • Watch and Participate!

What Do I need?

  • To purchase your workshop(s) (as many as you like, its online!)
  • Register via the registration link(s) provided after your workshop(s) purchase
  • Supplies/Supply List requested from Instructor
  • Computer/Laptop or Tablet or Phone (We do however recommended you use a computer or laptop)
  • Internet Connection to log in via ZOOM and Join/Watch
  • When your class is ready to start, just log in (5-10minutes before and get ready!)
  • Enjoy and create art from your home studio (or anywhere)!
  • Participate if you want to when instructor opens the webinar up for Q and A
  • Reminder: Each Class you purchase will have a unique registration link just for you for that class. Please do not share that link or you will not be able to attend the workshop online you purchased.


Virtual AOC Edition:

For 20 years Art of the Carolinas has been offering the Greatest Art Supply Sale and Workshops Expo Event right here in Raleigh, NC. Throughout the 20 years thousands have attended for a wonderful weekend of art workshops, sales and getting together to have fun and create art! Many great memories and friendships were made each and every year along with amazing art workshops from talented artists! 

Due to COVID, this year's in person event was sadly canceled out of care and safety for our valued friends and event goers.

Although it saddened us and many others that we had to cancel this major art event, we received so many emails and calls to do the workshops online and offer virtual workshops. We heard you and went to work to make it happen!

We are now open for online virtual workshops. Book your virtual workshop(s) available in many mediums to learn and create art wherever you may be. Although we won't be in person we will be together to create art and interact online and support each other!

Thank you all so much for being a part of our virtual instruction this year for 2020! We want to make sure you know up front, that we are working very hard to bring you some fun in November!