Sharon DiGiulioHello Art of the Carolinas 2020 – Virtual Addition Students:

Thank you all so much for being a part of our virtual instruction this year for 2020! Since this is our first time doing this, I’m sure there are plenty of unknowns for each of you. I want to make sure you know up front, that we are working very hard to bring you some fun in November! We are doing our very best to offer you some great virtual workshops via Zoom.

For some of you, this will be a whole new experience and for others, it will be a walk in the park. We are excited to be offering such a huge range of virtual instruction this year! It will be great to reach a wider audience to be able to experience

Art of the Carolinas in a different way... VIRUTAL WORKSHOPS!

Our previous customers over the past 20 years will be able to meet a whole new group of instructors and workshop possibilities and our customers from all over the country who could not physically make it to Art of the Carolinas each November, will be able to get a feel for our offerings over the Internet. 

The workshops will be offered from home studios via Zoom for a maximum of 30 students per workshop.

Each workshop will be three hours long, 9am – 12pm est., 1pm – 4pm est. or 5pm – 8pm est.

They will run from Monday, November 9th through Saturday, November 14th.

The basic workshop will follow roughly this format:

  • Demonstration by the Instructor, explaining their process while the students watch
  • Question and answers
  • Students Paint
  • Break
  • Back to Painting
  • Question and answers

We appreciate your enthusiasm for this event and we hope to offer you the best possible instruction for your art education and pleasure!

Virtual AOC Workshops Details >

Warm regards,

Sharon DiGiulio

Director of Art of the Carolinas 2020 – Virtual Addition