Dan Nelson

If you combine three parts painter, two and a half parts musician, a pound or two of inventor, and

a heaping tablespoon of show-off . . . you just might come up with a Dan Nelson, Art Adventurer


Dan made his living for decades as a freelance illustrator, perfecting his technique in pen and ink

(Just look it up in YouTube), watercolor, airbrush, and all the traditional illustration mediums. Late in this artistic journey he picked up oil painting and discovered that what he really liked was painting in a tux . . . with TWO HANDS!

. . . and an AUDIENCE!

He now does paintings up to 8 by 10- feet all across the United States-- at Festivals, Fundraisers, Weddings, and Corporate Functions.

Yep! Most of the time in a tux. And ALL of the time with TWO HANDS.

Feel free to stop by and chat while he paints. The only thing he likes better than painting people is painting with people.

Dan Nelson

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