Kathie George

Kathie George, known for her friendly, informative and energetic approach to teaching, has been a popular workshop instructor for over 25 years. Although known mostly for her 'batik on rice paper' paintings, she enjoys working in many different media, saying that moving from one to another keeps her work fresh and alive.

A good part of her schedule now includes leading workshops to wonderful locations overseas.
You might notice that many of her paintings have been inspired by such trips.

Her batiks and other mixed media works have been recognized in many publications. Among them: American Artist, Watercolor, Watercolor Artist and most recently Northlight's Splash Retrospective: 20 years of Contemporary Watercolor Excellence.

She has authored 4 watercolor books and is a signature member of the Ohio Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society. Join one of her fabulous trips, or sign up for her popular blog "Tips on Tuesdays" by visiting her website:  www.kathiegeorge.com

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Kathie George

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